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We at @ The Brokerage (Pty) Ltd are passionate about the film and entertainment industry and have skilled brokers with more than 30 years’ experience in the film and entertainment production insurance. 

We arrange cover for risks associated with features, television series, dramas, documentaries, commercials, music and corporate videos, weather days, events and prize indemnities. We help you achieve your artistic vision by minimizing production hazards and transferring risk. 

We will ensure that you are covered from Pre- to Post-Production to Final delivery.

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Film Producers Indemnity

We have partnered with Underwriters that understand the risks you face and can provide a solution for your insurance needs. They have developed products in conjunction with our experience dealing with the clients first hand over many years of focusing on your specific needs and keep updating it.

  • Nominated Key Cast & Crew – cast and crew are crucial to the smooth running of your production. This covers the production company for any expenses incurred necessary to complete a shoot as a result of cancellation, postponement or interruption of the production, caused by the accidental death or injury of a nominated person. Illness cover can be included on receipt of Insurer’s fully completed and signed medical certificate.  Notification of nominated key crew and cast must be advised to Underwriters prior to the shoot.
  • Negative Film, Video, Digital Mediacover you against all risks of direct physical loss, damage or destruction of film, tape stock, videotape, sound tracks
  • Faulty Stock & Camera Processing– cover you for possible extra expenses if you have to re-shoot or record when the raw footage is no longer usable or can no longer be accessed
  • Props, Sets & Wardrobe – these can be expensive to replace. Cover can be provided for direct physical loss or damage to props, sets, costumes & wardrobes owned by you or rented
  • Hired-in Equipment –cover you against all risks of direct physical loss, damage or destruction to company owned or leased miscellaneous equipment, including cameras, camera equipment, sound, lighting, editing equipment, grip equipment and projectors, etc.  This cover can also be extended to cover mobile equipment in vans, studio location units or similar units.
  • Third Party Property Damage – pays for the damages to or destruction of property belonging to others, whilst the property is under the care, custody and control of the production company.  (Excluded from this cover are liabilities for damage or destruction of property caused by the operating of any motor vehicles).
  • Extra Expenses – reimburses the production company for any additional cost necessary to complete the shoot, delayed as a result of cancellation, postponement or interruption, resulting from damage or destruction of property or facilities (props, sets, equipment, etc.) utilised in the production.
  • Business property & office contents of your company – cover for loss or damage to office contents, laptops, iPads and Notebooks used for production purposes
  • Employer’s Liability –  Cover you for costs and expenses should employees be injured, fall ill or die during the production which happens as a result of your negligence and for which you are legally liable
  • Public Liability –  Cover you for costs and expenses for damage to third property or should third parties be injured, fall ill or die during the production which happens as a result of your negligence and for which you are legally liable
  • Money & Securities – cover that ensures that you can recover from the loss, damage or destruction of money or securities that are needed for your production.
  • Motor Vehicles – Comprehensive Motor Insurance for any Vehicles Hired in for use on the shoot and any Vehicles being used as “Action or Picture Vehicles in the shoot

Personal Accident Insurance for Crew and Cast following an accident

  • Death
  • Permanent Total Disablement
  • Temporary Total Disablement
  • Medical Expenses

Event Liability

Event liability covers what you as responsible event manager would legally be liable for if someone die, sustain a bodily injury or illness. It also covers loss of property and property damage.


We will guide you through the intricacies of your specific event and helping you to determine the right insurance amount and advice about agreements that need to be formalised between the event organiser and the venue owner, as well as how to work around organising one event at various venues.

Prize Indemnities

  • Soccer / Rugby Goal / Cricket / Hole in one 
  • Fishing Competition

Film Cancellation

Cover can be arranged should a shoot be cancelled, abandoned or postponed due to circumstances beyond the control of the producers.  Examples of would include:

  • Damage to the venue
  • Breakdown of technical equipment
  • Government intervention such as national mourning
  • Labour, social and political disturbance or Riot and Strike
  • Non-appearance of the main artist. This could include a performing animal and the animal wrangler
  • Adverse weather (cover for this extension must be confirmed in writing and premium paid 14 (fourteen) days prior to inception of the policy and shoot date)

Event Cancellation

Event Cancellation covers the risk of cancellation or abandonment should an event be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the organiser’s control. This includes;

  • natural disasters,
  • fire and explosions which results in the cancellations
  • government intervention has put an end to the event

Additional extensions can also be includes to provide cover for;

  • adverse weather
  • riots
  • catastrophic non-appearance of key people

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