Claims Procedure, Requirements and Conditions

  1. If an event giving rise to or likely to give rise to a claim comes to your knowledge you must notify us within 30 days and as soon as reasonably possible give us.
    1.1. particulars of other insurance covering the same event
    1.2. written details of the event
    1.3. such proofs, information and sworn declarations we may require from time to time
    1.4. any document or details of any communication received in connection with a claim

  2. No admission, statement, offer, promise, payment or indemnity may be made or accepted by you without our written consent

  3. The theft or loss of, or malicious damage to any insured article must be notified to the police as soon as it is reasonably possible

  4. We may take over and conduct the defence or settlement of any claim and have the right to use your name for this purpose

  5. You must give all information, documentation and assistance required by us to obtain indemnity from other parties

  6. You must notify us immediately you become aware of any impending prosecution or inquest in respect of any event which may give rise to a claim

  7. If we deny liability for any claim made under this policy we will be relieved of liability, unless summons is served on us within 90 days

  8. We will not be liable under more than one section of this policy in respect of liability, loss or damage arising from the same event in respect of the same liability, loss or damage

  9. In respect of any section of this policy under which an indemnity is provided for liability to third parties, we may, upon the happening of any event, pay you the limit of indemnity provided in respect of such event or any lesser sum for which the claim or claims arising from such event can be settled and we shall thereafter not be under further liability in respect of such event

  10. If, after payment of a claim in respect of lost or stolen property, the property (the subject matter of the claim) or any part thereof is located, you will render all assistance in the identification and physical recovery of such property is called on to do so by us, provided that your reasonable expenses in rendering such assistance will be reimbursed by us. Should you fail to render such assistance in terms of this condition when called upon to do so, you will immediately become liable to repay us all amounts paid in respect of the claim

  11. In the event of a claim for which we become liable to provide indemnity for the maximum amount payable under any item(s) or section of the policy, we are not obliged in law or otherwise to provide a refund of premium for the unexpired period of insurance

Claim procedures and forms

As well as emergency contact numbers and important documents

OMI - Swiftcare Phone : 0860 274 365 Swiftcare Document
Santam - S O S Phone : 0860 505 911
Execuline Phone : 0860 10 34 34
MUA Phone : 0861 000 682
Echelon Phone : 0860 200 002
OMI / Brokerage Phone : 0860 300 300
Discovery Phone : 0860 999 911
Discovery Phone : 0860 999 911
Santam Real Estate Phone : 0860 101 305
CIA Phone : 0861 242 777
Hollard Phone : 08600 38 262
Bryte Phone : 0861 111 382
Auto & General Phone : 0860 104 210
TIC (Travel Insurance Consultants) Phone : 011 521 4000

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